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Montgomery General Litigation Attorneys

Our Attorneys Are Not Afraid To Go To Court.

At Anderson, Williams, & Farrow, L.L.C., our Alabama litigation attorneys are not afraid to go to court. We are equipped to represent clients in all Alabama state and federal courts in both civil and criminal cases.

We Will Endeavor To Help You Find The Most Reasonable Solution To Your Problem.

Depending on your problem and your goals, the most reasonable resolution of your case may involve simple measures. If you have a claim for less than $3,000, we can help you with the speedy and inexpensive procedures in Alabama Small Claims Court. We can also represent you in negotiation, mediation or arbitration, which may help avoid the expense and disruption a trial imposes on your business operations or personal life.

Do You Need A Trial Lawyer?

You may not be able to afford not to get a good lawyer. You need an experienced advocate who understands local courts and the challenges facing Alabama small businesses and ordinary people. Call us if you need an Alabama litigation attorney dedicated to protecting your interests.

Are You Frustrated With Your Insurance Company?

We have experience representing clients in personal injury claims, such as car accident injury claims, and many other types of claims involving liability insurance. We prepare for trial, so if a fair settlement cannot be reached, our lawyers are ready to effectively represent your interests in court. When an insurance company in bad faith denies a claim, our insurance litigators know how to present a solid case against the company. Attorney Ben Farrow represented insurance companies for 10 years – he knows how they operate.

Are You Involved In A Business Dispute?

Despite your careful business practices, you may find it necessary to file a lawsuit or defend yourself and your organization in a business-related matter. We offer cost-effective business litigation services tailored to the special needs of small businesses.

Is Your Divorce Or Estate Matter Going To Be Settled By The Court?

We represent clients in family law (including divorce, child custody, and child support), litigation, probate court proceedings, and many other civil matters.

Are You Facing Criminal Charges?

Good people end up in unfortunate situations. Our criminal defense lawyers have defended clients against all kinds of charges. Contact our law office if you would like to speak with an attorney about your case.

Anderson, Williams, & Farrow, L.L.C., also serves as the LegalShieldsm, provider for the State of Alabama.