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Dispute Resolution

Montgomery Dispute Resolution Attorney

Attorney Charles Anderson is experienced as a registered dispute mediator with the Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution. Mr. Anderson’s training in mediation includes completion of coursework at the Harvard Law School Program of Instruction for Lawyers and the American Arbitration Association’s mediation skills development.

The facilities of Anderson, Williams, & Farrow, L.L.C., in Montgomery include comfortable reception and conference rooms, and are easily accessible from Interstate Highway 85. Attorneys interested in arranging mediation proceedings are invited to contact the firm’s offices.

The firm’s attorneys also represent clients involved in personal or business mediation and arbitration. In line with the firm’s commitment to finding a solution in each case that best suits the client’s goals, clients are always advised to attempt to settle disputes out of court – an attempt at negotiation may save time and money, whether the matter involves a business dispute, a claim for damages, a property line dispute, or another matter.

However, the firm’s lawyers have a strong record as powerful advocates in court. Anderson, Williams, & Farrow, L.L.C., is prepared to represent clients in any Alabama state or federal trial or appellate court.

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