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Is your former spouse attempting to limit your time with the child you share?

Has an ex-wife or ex-husband relocated outside of Alabama with your child, but without your consent?

Are you seeking to establish parental rights so you can enjoy regular access to your child?

Our Montgomery divorce lawyers can help. Since 1997 and for our attorneys’ combined decades of experience, the Anderson Law Firm, L.L.C., has worked hard to promote productive agreements for post-divorce parent-child relationships. We are proud of the assistance given to central Alabama’s divorcing couples with children’s issues — those of custody and visitation, child support, parental relocation, divorce modifications and paternity.

Regardless of your custody and visitation objectives, we listen carefully to your wishes and put what we learn into swift, decisive action on your behalf. Our founder Charles L. Anderson is expert at techniques of dispute resolution. He can thoughtfully mediate a custody dispute and craft the visitation agreement that a court will consider. He can also litigate an outcome if necessary — one that fully protects your rights.

Contact the Anderson Law Firm. You can speak with one of our skilled Montgomery child custody attorneys today, toll free: 800-518-1847. You can reach us by e-mail message also.

Exceptional Service And Professionalism For Your Family Law Goals

Our law firm’s dual objectives in any child custody and visitation matter are a fair and favorable result for you, and one that is in the best interests of your child. We believe that children of divorce have a better chance at a well-adjusted upbringing if both parents maintain prominent roles in their lives.

Therefore, important decisions must be made regarding where and with whom the child will live, education, health care, grandparent visitation and scheduling specifics. A child needs a feeling of security and stability as you move on with your life.

Look to the Anderson Law Firm, L.L.C., for the comforting counsel and personal service that gets results. We welcome the opportunity to meet you, get to know you, answer your questions and serve you in any way we can.

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